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Mom Wears Prada

Where Fashion Meets Functionality in Every Corner.

Chic Studio

In collaboration with Interior Designer Sejal Aggarwal, Jarviz Studio took the creative lead in bringing to life the personal sanctuary of the renowned Instagram Influencer, Mrs. Harpreeth Suri, famously known as Mom Wears Prada. The 900 sqft studio space seamlessly blends wardrobe, office, and studio, showcasing Jarviz Studio's prowess in visualization. Every corner, including picturesque wardrobes designed as photoshoot backdrops and an elegant bathroom, was meticulously crafted in four unique options, presenting Mrs. Suri with a spectrum of possibilities that reflect sophistication and personalized style. Located in New Delhi, India, this project stands as a testament to Jarviz Studio's commitment to transforming visions into captivating visual narratives.


New Delhi


Sejal Aggarwal


900 sqft



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