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Faridabad House

A bioclimatic abode in a busy city.

Bioclimatic Serenity Haven

Elevating the vision crafted by Ar Ameet Singh of Design Bureau Architects, Jarviz Studio embarked on a creative journey to breathe life into the proposed bioclimatic residence in Faridabad.

Jarviz Studio's rendering magic unveils the beauty of this dwelling, characterized by an abundance of terraces and courtyards both at the ground and first floors. The innovative design features a low boundary wall, not just a demarcation but a multifunctional element serving as inviting seating. This thoughtful touch creates a harmonious link between the residence and the adjacent green belt, fostering a serene connection with nature.

The renderings meticulously showcase the residence's character, highlighting the existing palm trees at the front entrance and capturing the essence of bioclimatic design principles. With each image, Jarviz Studio encapsulates the spirit of Ar Ameet Singh's architectural masterpiece, turning concepts into vibrant visuals that convey the warmth, sustainability, and elegance of the proposed Faridabad residence.


Faridabad, India


Design Bureau Architects


4000 sqft



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