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Smart Haven

In collaboration with Maati Studios, Jarviz Studio embarked on the creation of a cutting-edge retail showroom cum experience center spanning 780 sqft. The studio's design ethos focused on simplicity and sophistication, echoing the essence of excellence and high-value products synonymous with L&G's innovative smart home security systems. The showroom stands as the company's inaugural physical space, adorned in subdued yet compelling colors that elevate the products to showstopper status.

Jarviz Studio, renowned for its prowess in rendering and animation, meticulously crafted a product-centric environment where every inch is dedicated to showcasing the ingenious smart home appliances and business monitoring solutions that define L&G. The studio's approach emphasizes creating an immersive experience for visitors, allowing them to interact with and fully appreciate the functionality and aesthetic appeal of L&G's offerings.


Zirakpur, Punjab


Leccy & Genesis


780 sqft



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